Colored Diamonds Eyelid Line Sticker Waterproof Self-adhesive Eye Liner Eyeliner Stickers Party Sexy Cat Eyes Beauty Makeup Tool

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* 100% brand new quality

* Material: man-made fiber, plastic

* Color: gray, red, black, gold, blue, green, dark purple, bright purple, dark pink, bright pink,

* Reusable eyeliner and mascara There are 10 colors of eyeliner, more choices to satisfy your stunning makeup

* 100% handmade, non-irritating, luxurious, soft, light, comfortable, natural fluffy false eyelashes.

* Supernatural and light; thick hair and thin strips make eyelashes look natural and fluffy without making eyelids heavy

* The high-quality cosmetic ingredients can be completely torn apart, and there is no pain when sticking to the skin, which is very comfortable. The important thing is that you can easily rinse off with makeup remover, body oil, and alcohol.

How to use:

* First wash the skin with water, remove the inner membrane of the sticker, adjust it with the outer corner of the eye, and then stick it on the eyelid.

* It is very important to pay attention to the starting point of the inner part of the eye when applying, try to hold the eye in the direction of the bridge of the nose.

* The lower part of the eyeliner should be close to the root of the eyelashes until the end of the eye. Don’t let the end of the eye rise too high. After the application is completed, the soft eyeliner stickers will follow the changes of the eyelids and are naturally inlaid in the eyelids. It is very natural and lifelike. It can be removed and re-attached if you are not skilled in using it. It will not affect the adhesion. Of course, please clean the eye before applying. Degreasing work.

* Pay attention to the direction, the big belly is down, the small bend is towards the bridge of the nose, and the big bend is towards the outside. Don’t reverse i


Specifications: style one, style two, style three, style four, style five, style six

Color classification: Three-color diamond eyeliner stickers

Material: Plastic

Size: Single eyeliner sticker: 4cm

Package Content:

1 set of 3 pairs of eyeliner stickers

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